Daniel and Revelation Seminars

Daniel and Revelation Seminars

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The presentations are listed below in reverse chronological order:

23rd-27th December 2016 - Holland.

December 2016 - Wales, UK.

December 2016 - Nottingham, UK.

October 2016 - France (Health Seminar).

October 2016 - France.

October 2016 - South Africa.

October 2016 - Australia (3rd series).

October 2016 - Australia (2nd series).

October 2016 - Australia (1st series).

September 2016 - Germany.

August 2016 - Romania.

August 2016 - Canada.

June 2016 - France (3rd series).

June 2016 - France (2nd series).

June 2016 - France (1st series).

16th April, 2016 - Wales, UK.

March 2016 - France. Laying the Foundations.

19th March, 2016 - Nottingham, UK. Church Organisation.

12th March, 2016 - Wales, UK.

27th February 2016 - Lambert Fellowship.

27th February 2016 - Lambert Fellowship. Ordination Service.

January-March 2016 - Arkansas. School of the Prophets.

February 2016 - Brazil (2nd series).

February 2016 - Brazil.

19th February 2016 - Portola, California.

30th January 2016 - Lambert Fellowship.

January 2016 - Eatonville. Dan 2-10.

December 2015 - Nottingham. Reform Lines - An Introduction.

November 2015 - Wales. Answering the 2520: A Response to Eugene Prewitt, Anthony Banton and Adam Ramdin.

November 2015 - France. The 2520 and the 7 Thunders.

September 2015, London - Two Temple Cleansings and Intro to Rev 9.

August 2015, Wales, UK - Ezra 7:9.

August 2015, Germany - Ezra 7:9.

July/August 2015, France - Ezra 7:9.

July 2015, Canada - The Reform Lines.

Aspects of the Image to the Beast.

The Wise and the Wicked.

Line Upon Line.

The Perfect Fulfillment of the Parable of the Ten Virgins.

Should we Still be Attending Conference Churches?

The Prophetic Chain for Beginners

Failing to enter into rest at 9/11.

The Coming Midnight Cry

Millerite Timeline Repeating in our Time (for Beginners)

The Everlasting Gospel Series


The 2520 Exposed

Daniel 11:1-45

Prophecies in Daniel

Rome Never Changes

Defending the Latter Rain

The Glorious Land


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